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Salon 6 - Stylist Profile - Jackie Porter
Salon 6 Logo 6378 North College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
In Broad Ripple Village

Stylist Profile

Jackie Porter
  1. What brought you into this business?
    I have always had an interest in doing hair. It doesn't feel like work to me but more like a project that I can't stop messing with until it's finished. I feel extremely lucky to have found a path that makes me so happy.
  2. What are your hobbies?
    Running, swimming, reading, writing a journal, taking pictures and making scrapbooks, taking my daughter to the park and entertaining her, music, and doing hair of course!
  3. What is the funniest trend you have worn in your hair?
    My mom, sister, and grandma used to hold me down crying and give me those 1980's home perms. I had really bad hair for about 4 years.
  4. What is your favorite holiday?
    My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. Mostly because I love summertime, but also because it's a time of celebration with family and friends for our country, and it brings the community together to see fireworks!
  5. What is your favorite thing about the salon?
    I have 2 favorite things about the salon. First, I love the friendly atmosphere and the degree of support and encouragement that the staff always relays to each other. Second, I love the "green" aspect; with recycling and conserving being of high value to me personally, I feel proud to work here and proud of the salon's efforts. Also, I think it's awesome that we sell and use organic products.