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Salon 6 - Stylists
Salon 6 Logo 6378 North College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
In Broad Ripple Village

Salon 6 has some of the best stylists in the Indianapolis area, contact us today to book an appointment with any one of them! Click on any thumbnail below to see a full-sized photo & profile.
Stephanie Gregoire
I love the diversity we have in our salon. We have an amazing staff with so many different talents, and personalities. I believe anyone can walk in our salon and feel comfortable. I also love that we are taking a serious stand in saving the environment. We offer organic products, we recycle, and are founding members of the organization "Green Broadripple".
Brooke Lyon
My favorite thing about Salon6 is teamwork. Everyone in the salon has the same extreme continuing education which keeps is all knowledgeable with a sassy edge. Every stylist will make you feel comfortable as your very own stylist and will go above and beyond for each other. Feeding off of so many talents in one salon makes me feel confident and creative as a stylist!
Paul Gividen
I love Salon6 because everyone is so easy to get along with. No client will ever feel intimidated coming into our doors. We're all great at what we do and love our jobs, so it's easy to stay motivated. Plus we're always learning - from classes to conventions & each other, so we don't fall into a slump.
Jackie Porter
I have 2 favorite things about the salon. First, I love the friendly atmosphere and the degree of support and encouragement that the staff always relays to each other. Second, I love the "green" aspect; with recycling and conserving being of high value to me personally, I feel proud to work here and proud of the salon's efforts. Also, I think it's awesome that we sell and use organic products.
Megan Gill
My favorite thing about Salon6 is that everyone is so different and everyone excels in different things and different techniques. So there's a lot more I can learn to incorporate into what I already know. Being here I get a lot of variety in the clientele that comes in and within the people I work with.
Kristen Kraus
I loved Salon 6 as a client before I ever became an employee. The location in Broad Ripple, our focus on being as "green" as possible, the local artwork we display and the support... the fantastic team I get to work with everyday!
Sally Nasser
Sally is a front desk coordinator at Salon 6.
Meghan Williams
Meghan is a front desk coordinator at Salon 6.
Jason Kraus
Click here for my extended profile.
Ashley Wilcher
I absolutely love our staff! I wake up everyday excited for work because it doesn’t even feel like work!