What is Balayage and how on Earth do I pronounce it?

Balayage (pronounced bah-lee-ahzge) translates to “sweep” in French and is a hair painting technique used to give more of a softer, lived-in look to your hair. While traditional highlighting utilizes foils, balayage is done by hand to allow our colorists to give a more personal touch to the color application that works best for your hair and style choice. Having our stylists”sweep” the color on your hair instead of doing more of a complete color saturation means a blend of color throughout your strands that is both healthy and beautiful.


While balayage is more of a “free hand” approach to color application, there is certainly a right way and a wrong way to do it. It is truly a mix of art and science that allows for a wide range of natural looks depending on the desired effects. We highly recommend scheduling a consultation with some picture examples (see below for a good start!) that you would love to try so we can map out the journey to your color goals. With the end result in mind, our colorists will section your hair into quadrants with a plan to seamlessly blend each group. From there they will meticulously apply the color to the surface of your strands with a brush until it is as immaculate as a Frida Kahlo canvas. You will absolutely love the personal touch of color!


Since balayage application gives a more organic look to your hair coloring, it makes maintenance a breeze. When it grows out the contrast between natural new growth and painted hair is much less striking, so you won't have to worry about it looking unnatural before your next appointment. So not only do you get a customized, gorgeous natural effect to your hair, it will continue looking great long after your last appointment!


There are different degrees of balayage that can give a subtle touch that compliments your existing hair as well as a more complete overhaul to your color. For those who want to dip their toes into the world of balayage, we recommend trying out babylights. Babylights are as delicate as they sound, but their subtle effect is not to be underestimated! If you are ready to jump in and see all the possibilities with balayage we also love pairing it with a shadow root or color melt that give even more stunning dimensions to your hair. No matter what level you are going for, it is a great way to change up your style regardless of your current tone and style. And balayage isn't just for long hair either, we have great results applying it to short cuts and men's length as well (dudelayage and manlights for the win!)