Need a good fade? Salon 6 is known as one of the best places for men's haircuts in Indianapolis. While we showcase a lot of women's styles on our Instagram, men make up a good portion of our returning clientele that rely on us to keep them looking sharp with fresh cuts, highlights, and beard trims. Whether you have rockstar-length hair or are looking for a tapered look with a low/mid/bald fade we have you covered. If you're unsure of the terminology for men's styles, take a look at the gallery below and reference the pictures you are interested in, or you can always bring in an example you want to try for yourself. Here is a general overview of popular styles:

Tapered Fades are more on the subtle side, with a more gradual blend from short to full length hair.

Low fades have a bit more contrast, but often times do not go all the way down to the bare skin at its shortest points.

Mid fades tend to go shorter at the bottom, with a bit of bare skin at the edges.

High fades start higher up on the head, with more of a contrast between the start and lower edges of the bottom.

Of course there are many variations of the fade with how the top is styled. Our stylists can give you a custom look based on head shape and occupation to make sure your new cut fits your personality, give us a call!